You’ve probably been hearing the buzz about some of the benefits of CBD oil.  I can attest to some of those benefits, as I’ve been using CBD oil for about a year now  and feel so much better on the days that I take it.  It’s kind of hard to put into words, but on the days that I take it, I feel more alert & aware, as well as more energized.  I actually did a little experiment on myself and took CBD oil every other morning for a couple weeks.  Not only did I feel better on the days I took it, not that I ever really felt bad, but I just felt more awake,  alert, & less anxious, I guess, but I also found that I burned more calories in my morning kickboxing class than the days that I didn’t take it… how awesome!  I start my day by taking the CBD Energy capsule and end my day by taking the CBD snap pack.  I also use the balm when I have stiff or sore muscles or a headache… the balm is the bomb!

I wanted to share some information with you about the benefits of CBD oil that have been researched.  Feel free to watch any of the following short videos for more info!

The Endocannabinoid System

LivCana Brand CBD

Snap Packs!

Keep an eye out for more videos to come in the near future!  In the meantime, click here for more info!